I think I can…I think I can…:SWP and Interns keep chugging along

Ashlee Snyder Photo

Hi, my name is Ashlee Snyder and this is my second summer at Infinera’s Summer Work Program in Pennsylvania. I am an incoming sophomore at Penn State University, currently studying kinesiology with the hopes to pursue a Doctorate in Physical Therapy once I graduate.  After having a great experience here last summer, I was excited to start again this summer. Just like I expected this summer has been just as great so far, however, it is definitely more challenging. This summer at Infinera I have had the opportunity to work with the Test Set Development team to design a new instance of a bug tracking system for test equipment. Since my major is kinesiology, I had no background in how to design this new instance. However, the team has been wonderful in helping me along. There is always someone around who can answer the millions of questions I have. One of the reasons I like working at Infinera is because of how generous, helpful, and friendly everyone is to each other. That makes coming to work each day more exciting. With absolutely no background in the beginning, I am now confident and understand what I am doing and it is only half way through the summer.  I have learned so much already and can’t wait to see what the rest of the summer will bring.


Shalini Corzine Picture

Hi! I’m Shalini Corzine, this fall I will be a freshman at UC Santa Barbara. I will be coming in with an undeclared major as I have several different areas of interest, hopefully I will find a passion to pursue in one of the subjects I’ll be studying this coming school year. This summer, I am an intern in the Customer Service Organization; I specifically work with the Quality Team. As of now, I am transferring information regarding PCNs and FSBs onto SharePoint in order to make the data more accessible to other employees.


On the first day, I was incredibly nervous. I had a preconceived idea of the company and I had thought that this program would be very individualistic, just as my last internship had been. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the environment here was more like one of a community, and I was relieved to find that all of the SWP students bonded incredibly fast. The fact that we are all around the same age only allowed us to connect on an even deeper level, and I can tell that a lot of the friendships I have made here will be long lasting.


Although I have only started working here a few weeks ago, I can already conclude that this has been such a great experience for me. I am so grateful to have had an opportunity to join this program; I have met so many wonderful people here that have given me exposure to the business world. I love how eager everyone is to introduce me to the aspects of this company, and my manager is incredibly open to answering any and all of the questions I have regarding Infinera. It is so wonderful to work next to such amazing people; I can’t wait to see what the rest of this internship has in store for me.



My name’s Alyssa. In the fall, I will be attending James Madison University studying Occupational Therapy. Although I’m going into health sciences, I’m really enjoying my time at Infinera PA. I performed an MSDS audit for the manufacturing floor and I’m editing any data sheets that need to be changed on the online repository.  I’ve learned quite a bit about time management, because this has been a very time consuming task. I’ve also learned about safety here at Infinera, which is very important. I expected everyone here to treat us as if we were just students and I was pleasantly surprised when I went around and did my audit, because everyone seemed to treat me as an equal. I’ve been able to communicate very well with others in order to complete my task and this experience has been very beneficial.


That one guy

Hi, my name is Karthik Bhaskara, this fall I will be attending University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign. This summer is my first year participating in the Summer Work Program, here at Infinera.  I have enjoyed my time so far here. I have been assigned two projects that entail software and computer engineering which I will be studying at UIUC this fall. I really like that my projects fit my interests and I’m looking forward to expanding my knowledge of coding and problem solving.  One of my projects that I am especially intrigued by is that I am in charge of an open transport switch manager which has so far included over eight hundred lines of code.  The trials that I encountered while learning the code, were solved in one of two ways: I was either able to use the internet to figure out the string by myself or I had to ask my manager for help. So far I have had a positive experience here at Infinera, made friends, and learned more about Computer Engineering. I am looking forward to getting further into my projects and overcoming the obstacles that I encounter.


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Second Year Experience SWP: Destiny Roacho


This year is my second year being part of the summer work program here at Infinera. Coming in to this year’s summer program I was a little hesitant, not because I was nervous or intimidated by the work load but because of my experience last year. Being that last year was my first “official” year working here at Infinera I was a bit nervous because there were so many summer workers that had been here the previous year. I wasn’t sure what to expect, even though I knew a big chunk of the ins and outs of Infinera. I knew exactly where the buildings were located and how to get to them, I knew where a lot of the conference rooms were, and I had a pretty good understanding of how a lot of things worked. I also had the chance to meet quite a few people and interact with them. I had this opportunity because my mom is in site services as facilities coordinator/ space planner.  I have been coming to work with my mom for years now and assisting her with any small project’s that she was able to give me, which included opportunities to help out with small details of putting together a company celebration. Although I had all this familiarity with Infinera I was still nervous last year because I hadn’t officially been part of Infinera’s “team” and there were so many summer workers that this was their second year, which meant they knew each other already. I noticed that there had been clicks forming already on the first day of orientation, and continued to grow throughout the program. This had made me a bit nervous and made me feel a little uneasy because l felt as though we should be working as a whole no matter if we were first or second years.  But I didn’t let my nervousness get the best of me though, I stuck it out and just showed how well of a worker I could be and did my best trying to incorporate as many summer workers as possible to try and mend the gap between us. I had gotten a lot of positive feedback by the end of last year’s summer program, I just wish I was able to do more. Last year although I kept busy with task for the summer picnic I didn’t feel as though I was showing my full potential, but it was understandable considering the department I was part of, a lot cannot be discussed or shared with me. Although I did love being a volunteer for TOKTWD last year, which I enjoyed a lot considering I love to work with kids. I would say that for my first year being part of the Infinera team it was a great experience and I loved it a lot. The individuals that I worked with were great and full of life.

This year coming in I still felt that hesitation and nervousness because I didn’t know what to expect. I knew that this year there were a lot more first year summer workers than there would be second, and I didn’t want this year to feel as though there were clicks forming because I knew how I felt as a first year coming in and I didn’t think it would be fair to keep that trend going. So what I loved about this year’s changes to the program is the fact that we were all required to go to training for different aspects that we would be using throughout the program, such as Outlook, SharePoint, and Excel etc. I felt that because we were required to go to these trainings it gave all of us that were part of the program a chance to get to know one another and treat it as sort of an ice breaker. Although we had the opportunity to introduce ourselves at orientation, it was very fast pace and if were to participate in trainings, we are more engaged and comfortable in front of one another. At least in my opinion I think that this year is going a lot more smoothly and we are working more as a team then individually, but I could be wrong. Aside from how the bonding and interaction is different this year from last, I am enjoying working here again and so grateful that I had the opportunity to come back and be part of the team again. This year I feel challenged and on the go, there is never a dull moment which I love. The department and team that I am part of this year I absolutely love. They are a great set of individuals who give this team a special aspect of individuality yet stay so close net. I am learning a lot and receiving great feedback. This summer will be one great one, I have to say that I will definitely be sad when it comes to an end.

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Pushing Forward: SWP and Interns Week Four


Hello! My name is Ayumi Gothberg, and I’m an incoming sophomore at UC Davis. I’m currently studying biological sciences with an emphasis in molecular and cellular biology. At Infinera, I got the opportunity to work with the amazing people of the Customer Service and Technical Support team. I wanted to be a part of the summer student work program to get experience of what it is like to work in an office and get an idea of what it feels like to work in a high-tech company. I definitely got those things and a whole lot more.


I tackled many things this summer: extensively using the many functions of Excel, navigating/editing in SharePoint, and coordinating extremely busy schedules in Outlook to find time for meetings. I even volunteered with other Infinera employees at Second Harvest Food Bank and joined in on the public-speaking club, Toastmasters. My project for the summer included document auditing and data consolidation from the extensive Infinera database; a daunting task, but I got plenty of help from my terrific mentor and learned how to be efficient while still being detail-oriented. I also helped with content updates for the Support page of the Infinera website. My projects enlisted the need to meet with many people from the different groups at Infinera, so I got the opportunity to become familiar with the various faces and personalities at the company.


On the first day, I was nervous that my manager would expect me to do work way beyond my scope of understanding. However, I never found any of my work to be not doable. Actually, what I like best about my projects is that they weren’t too easy or too hard; it was just the right amount of a challenge that it kept my mind working to understand and problem-solve. Though I was surprised at first the level of autonomy I had, I knew my mentor would have my back every step of the way. I feel a hundred times more prepared for any future internships and jobs I will have, and am really thankful because I know I will use the many skills I’ve developed in whatever career I may have in the future.




Hi! My name is Alex Sheredy and this is my second year at Infinera’s Summer Work Program. I am a rising sophomore studying Biomedical Engineering at Washington University in St. Louis.

Because this is my second year here at Infinera, I felt comfortable and confident when I strolled into the conference room on our first day. I recognized the environment surrounding me, recollected the fast pace lifestyle, and understood peoples’ expectations of me. Faces of those around me were familiar and I shivered with excitement to work again. Last year I assisted Service Operations by balancing two hefty projects for the course of the summer along with smaller, independent ones. This year, I support the electrical and mechanical engineers where I have observed that prolonged projects are not the norm. I find that I consistently balance six or seven lesser assignments rather than two large projects. These responsibilities typically range from one to three weeks whereas last year, my projects extended the whole summer.

The environment in the engineering building differs from where I sat last year. I notice I spend more and more time in the lab fiddling with boards, cables, and chassis. Instead of delivering emails and attending meetings, I conduct tests and program chips. Instead of making phone calls, I assemble fan trays. I find myself with more hands on projects and have come to really enjoy this style of work.

Operating with the engineers at Infinera has reassured my major decision. I enjoy the problem solving and the straightforward processes. I comprehend the numbers, formulas, and tables in the excel sheets and I have become more at ease than last year. I also find myself making friends with the interns this year and am excited to see what the rest of the summer has in store.




Hi! I’m Maddy Butzbach and I’ll be a senior at Cornell University this fall. I’m in the College of Engineering studying Information Science, Systems, and Technology. This summer I am an intern in the Systems Manufacturing department. My primary project is to create a new intranet portal for the New Product Introduction team using SharePoint, with the goal of helping the program managers increase team efficiency and communication, as well as improve some of their management processes. I have also been working on some additional projects which consist of retrieving and analyzing product testing data. After a few short weeks I can already say that this internship is one of the best experiences I’ve had. I appreciate that I get real responsibilities and the opportunity to create something meaningful for the company. I have a lot of freedom while working on my project, but everyone I’m working with is always willing to help me if I need it. I also love that as an intern, I am encouraged to learn about many aspects of the company. I feel incredibly lucky to work at a place where so many busy employees are willing and excited to take the time to help interns and teach us about what they do. While learning SharePoint and improving my knowledge of Visual Basic and SQL will be very useful takeaways, the most valuable aspects of my experience so far have had nothing to do with technical skills. I have learned that I really enjoy my major and this field, and I have a newfound excitement to enter the workforce after graduation and a better sense of what I want to do career-wise. I have gained insight into the kind of work that goes into managing a team and a company, and have gotten used to the differences between a professional setting and an academic setting. I have gained increased confidence and a sense of authority as I schedule and lead meetings, take charge of my project, and see my ideas taken seriously by my superiors. And I have also met a lot of great people, both other interns and employees, and I feel privileged to be part of a company with such a fun and supportive work environment. I look forward to the rest of the summer and am grateful for the opportunity to work and learn at Infinera!

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July 7, 2014 · 5:38 pm

Getting in the Swing of Things: SWP and Interns Week Three


Hello, my name is Joseph Evans, but you may call me Joe. I am a tall dude with a thing for numbers, also a recent home-school high school graduate of St. Thomas Aquinas Academy. After this internship is complete, I will be heading off to the Franciscan University of Steubenville, Ohio, as an accounting major. This summer I have been working on projects for Infinera’s finance department. My goal here is to give you an account of my experience at Infinera so that you may benefit.

I originally disliked the thought of spending a summer at my dad’s workplace; after all I had plenty of friends to hang with, and involvements with my youth group were taking a sizable chunk of my time. The 1.5 hour commute to Sunnyvale just made things worse. In the end, I applied at Infinera because I thought that I would benefit at least monetarily. After all, the job does pay well and offer a little something for the resume. It was really, truly much better than that though. The first week had me a little worried, but now that I have my bearings, I can finally see just how awesome the opportunity really is.
The Summer Work Program (SWP) has been an overall VERY positive experience, granting to me work experience, money, and practice in my chosen fields. Now I have a very good idea how debit and credit work within accounting. Not only are there more than three different domains in which to use them, but different bank accounts within those domains treat them differently. Yeah. I know. That gives me a small heart attack in itself; however, learning it will help me immensely in college and future careers.
The program is prompting me to think more about college, and even past it. I receive a splendid taste of accounting every day, including work in things like SAP entries and Daily Cash Reports. In light of this, I came to two conclusions: 1. I liked accounting; 2. It was not enough. After examining these discoveries about my current major and career choice, I started looking for more. A little research and some good conversations tell me that many smart business people actually double major. Aside from accounting, it is almost necessary to try finance, marketing, English, or even computer science if you want to specialize in your accounting career. This all shows me that having only an accounting degree can be very limiting.
I just figured out extremely useful and potentially career-saving thins from my experiences in this summer job. The numerous things that I have learned about accounting, from debit and credit to letters of credit, are improving my life. Now, I do not care if I get a penny. The addition to my resume is a nice bonus, but not essential. I don’t even mind “losing” a summer of thrilling activities. Not after gaining so much knowledge concerning my career goals.
You really have to apply yourself if you want to do well though. Always keep busy doing something productive, even if your manager has nothing for you at the moment. Keep a positive attitude about everything and be your own taskmaster. Because I did not slack and kept asking for more, my manager entrusted me with many tasks. This is my third week here and I have already learned so much! Thank yourself for joining the SWP. This is a great opportunity!

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July 3, 2014 · 3:39 pm

Infinera Gets Lost in The Youth!

Infinera Gets Lost in The Youth

Infinera Cooperation puts on many events, including their annual Take Our Kids to Work Day. The TOKTWD program has been running for eight years. I am Devon, and this was my first year participating in this event. I was one of the volunteers, so my experiences were extremely different from that of the kids. I was able to interact with them and make them feel comfortable. For example, in my group there was a child that was not participating, and acted as though he was just “too cool.” I went and sat with him during the activities, soon after he began to talk to me, then he began to talk to the rest of the group. After the festivities were done, the same kid who I had helped, approached me. He gave me the cape that he had decorated during one of the activities and insisted that I keep it. His cape hangs on the outside of my cube. Now when I walk into my cube I think about that kid, how I helped him, and how I made his time at Take Our Kids to Work Day better.
The theme for this year’s TOKTWD was the “A Super Channel Challenge” which connected the products and people of Infinera to Super Heroes. During the children’s breakfast orientation, they had a breakdown of what their ultimate task: to catch the infamous “Doctor Destruction.” After the introduction to a super villain, the kids were introduced to a super hero; Tom Fallon. Tom gave a speech and then the kids were to meet with their groups, and their “Super Leaders.” The kids were separated by age group and given appropriate tasks to complete. They were split up such that: Marketing had six year olds, QA had seven year olds, Customer Service had eight year olds, Suppliers had nine years, Finance had ten year olds, Manufacturing had eleven year olds, Design had twelve year olds, Strategy had thirteen year olds, and finally Recruiting had the fourteen year olds. Seeing the kids excited and ready to learn about the company creates a fun environment for all.
I was fortunate to have a part in the children’s amusement by being a volunteer at Take Our Kids to Work Day. I was assigned to the ten year olds, the Finance team, where they talked about stocks and taxes. After learning about the taxes and stocks, the kids then played games that related to those topics. I found it entertaining to watch the children go from being initially confused during the lecture, to awe struck during the activity, when they finally understood how things worked in the Finance Department.
During the lunch that was put on for the kids and their parents, the atmosphere in the room was ecstatic. The children were running around, stuffing their faces, and most importantly, telling their parents what they learned. The looks on everyone’s faces told it all; the children were happy, the parents were happy their children were happy, and the volunteers were relieved. Another successful TOKTWD.

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New Beginnings: Summer Work Program and Interns 2014


Week 7/1-7/4

Summer Work Program Blog Entry 1

Hello, my name is Benjamin Conley, I recently graduated from Wilcox High School. In the Fall I will be attending De Anza College to start my studies in business.  This is my first year participating in the Infinera Summer Work Program.

My first two weeks at Infinera have been a great experience. I’ve had the opportunity to work with great co-workers who are encouraging and polite. Infinera employees are very helpful whenever I have a question.  One of the things I find rewarding is the strong team environment. I am also learning soft skills such as proper business etiquette.

My project is focused around organizing data into excel spreadsheets in the Strategic Materials group. In addition to excel I regularly create presentations using PowerPoint with graphs.

Initially I was nervous about working in a large company; however Infinera employees made me at ease in this high-tech environment. I am really enjoying my time here, gaining valuable work experience, and getting to know my fellow SWP students. I definitely plan on returning next year and I am certain I will enjoy the rest of my SWP assignment. 

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A Summer of Opportunities-The Final Week

The Final Week. It has finally approached. The students of the Infinera Summer Work Program have worked on various projects, learned new infomation, acquired new life skills, and met new people all summer long.Take a look as we are told about the experiences that Stepfanie Lam, Noreen Wauford, and Bailey Williams have had this summer with Infinera.


“Hello, my name is Stepfanie Lam and I am a rising sophomore at the University of Florida. I currently major in Biology with the hopes of pursuing a Computer Science. My goal for this summer was to learn a new programming language and to gain an understanding of the working world. This was my first time as part of the Infinera Summer Work Program and I had the opportunity of working in the Optical Integrated Circuit Group (OICG). My internship experience consisted of working extensively with Sharepoint in order to create a database that kept track of Infinera equipment around the globe. Moreover, I learned how to retrieve information from databases on MSQL.

stephanie lam

I really liked the Infinera culture because it has a very strong sense of community, very similar to a large family. The employees are all extremely approachable and willing to answer any questions. My manager and mentor always set aside time every day to see if I had any questions. In addition, the intern working with my group showed me various other programming languages. Consequently, I also got to learn workflows in Sharepoint Designer and some TeraTerm commands. With only a year into college, it is hard for most college students my age to find an internship so it was a wonderful opportunity to be exposed to a work environment at the corporate level this summer. The weekly meetings forced me out of my comfort zone and refined my presentation skills. Furthermore, I met a lot of amazing interns here many of whom have become my good friends. I also began going to the gym with the interns every day after work. My summer at Infinera has been very meaningful and the skills that I have acquired will help me succeed in any of my future aspirations.”


“Hi everyone! I’m Noreen Wauford, and I’m going to be a freshman at UC Berkeley studying bioengineering. This summer, I’ve interned in the Hardware Engineering Department. I’ve juggled multiple projects this summer, so time management has been a big part of my experience! Everything I’ve been doing revolves around inventory. Yes, sometimes that means physically taking inventory of lab equipment, but more often my job has been to improve others’ ease of access to inventory data.
One of the most time-consuming projects I’ve worked on has been the Infinera Engineering Equipment Inventory website- we took a defunct SharePoint site that had fallen out of use, and updated all parts of it, including data, use cases, and user interface. When I arrived, I didn’t even know what SharePoint was, but now I’m familiar and comfortable working on it every day. Starting about halfway through the internship, I took on another project selling excess inventory. Infinera has unused parts sitting around, and I’ve catalogued these and contacted potential buyers. I just made my first sale of a batch of inventory, with hopefully another on the way! I’ve also handled a lot of expensive equipment around the labs, taking down details to include on the SharePoint site, and to update lab lists with owner and calibration information. This is always interesting because I am exposed to a wide range of Infinera equipment, from the boards sold inside our products to the measurement tools used to test them.

Noreen Wauford

Before my first day on the job, I was really nervous that my mentor and manager would expect me to perform at a much higher skill level than I’m capable of. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the work I’ve been doing allows me to learn while never feeling undoable. I also didn’t understand the importance of face-to-face contact in the workplace, but I’ve realized that everyone is willing to help you out if you drop by. One of the most important things you can do here is meet people from adult employees to fellow interns- and make sure you score some free food along the way!!”


“Hi! My name is Bailey Williams and this is my first year at Infinera’s Student Work Program. I am 19 years old and am a rising sophomore at Cleveland State University where I study Digital Media.

Bailey Williams

Under the guidance and management of Human Resources Department, I work remotely from Ashland, Ohio due to the fact that is where I live. I came out to the Sunnyvale office the first week of the program and met my manager and some other the interns. I then flew back home where I continued my work online. Even though I am not in an office working, I have just as much work to do as everyone else that needs to be done! From creating flyers for college fairs to managing this very blog, I have constantly had projects to work on. My team back in Sunnyvale is always available if I have a question or concern which is really great considering the time difference!
Through this remote internship, I have become a lot more self-disciplined. It’s easy to procrastinate on a project when there is no one right next to you working. I know I have people that depend on my projects to get done so that pushed me all summer long to stay ahead of the task and do my best. This internship is more than something nice to put on a resume; it’s an experience that I will carry with me when I go into the working world.”

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A Summer of Opportunities- SWP Bowling Trip!

If you have been following along this summer, you probably will remember many of the interns have mentioned a planned bowling trip. Here is an inside look at the fun and excitement that the interns had when they put on those bowling shoes.

The students wait in line to start the bowling tournament!

The students wait in line to start the bowling tournament!

Interns joke around while watching others play.

Interns joke around while watching others play.

Students gather around to grab some food.

Students gather around to grab some food.

Interns, Alex, Shaina, and Rochelle, smile for the camera.

Interns, Alex, Shaina, and Rochelle, smile for the camera.

Intern, Cory McGee, takes his turn bowling.

Intern, Cory McGee, takes his turn bowling.

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A Summer of Opportunities-Week 7

Last entry you met Shaina Campbell and Alex Sosa. Take a look at their experience with Infinera here:


We are heading into the final weeks of the Infinera Summer Work Program, but that does not mean the students are slowing down at all. They are still tackling new information and conquering projects. One of our students, Rochelle Anicete, gives us an insight into the work and learning she has done so far this summer at Infinera.


“Hello there! My name is Rochelle Anicete and I’m an incoming sophomore this fall at San Francisco State University majoring in Biology striving to become either a dentist or a marine biologist. At Infinera, I work in the Professional Services department updating documents on The Hub and I also make tables, flowcharts, spreadsheets, and power points for my manager to use when he presents updates on projects and issues we need to fix within our team. My manager works remotely in Texas but that doesn’t make work any difficult, it has just taught me to be self-disciplined to get work done without someone hovering around me to make sure I’m on task. The people sitting in cubicals around me are always willing to help me out with any questions or problems that I run into, which is awesome.

Rochelle Anicete

While spending my summer as an intern at Infinera, I’ve learned to appreciate what my parent does here, spending numerous hours working very hard on a daily basis, and sometimes really late at night when there is more work to be done. At times, work can be very time consuming and tedious, but the Student Work Program does an amazing job of giving us breaks every once and awhile by having lunch meeting, ping pong tournaments, and we even got to go on a bowling trip this summer! Having this opportunity to have this internship as my first job is truly a blessing and I enjoyed, and still enjoy, every single second of it. My only regret is not participating in this program last year. It’s hard to believe I only have about three weeks left working here. Time flies when you’re having fun, and boy, did I have fun this summer.”

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A Summer of Opportunities-Week 6

Last entry you met Jonathan Riska, Sanjna Verma, and Alex Sheredy. Take a look at their experience with Infinera here:


At Infinera, there are dozens of different departments and jobs that are all different. One department is not more important than the other because at Infinera, we are a team. Infinera is a company that strives for the “whole” to be the best, not just the parts. From the marketing department, to sales, to the software department, everyone works together. This week you will meet Shaina Campbell and Alex Sosa, two students that are doing very different tasks this summer at Infinera, but both are still striving to make this company be the best it can be.


“Hi I’m Shaina Campbell and I am a student at University of California Irvine studying political science. This summer, I have been interning with the Service Lifecycle Solutions team at Infinera. Working here has been such a wonderful time of learning, full of new experiences. Not any one day is the same, which keeps it exciting! I have my own little cubicle and a computer which I feel I must mention because it really excited me at first. My main project for the summer is redesigning a website to make it more efficient for our customers. One of the most rewarding parts of this internship is that they really give you the freedom to drive your project to completion. I get to schedule my own meetings and my superiors have confidence in me to get the work done. In addition to my main assignment, each day I assist with new projects where I get to learn new programs such as Visio and Hypercam. At Infinera I feel that I am a valuable asset to the company even as an intern. They have me doing work which will actually make a difference, not just busy work.


I feel the skills I have acquired will help me in the future. The entire Infinera team is so friendly and approachable; there are always people willing to assists me with my projects so that I can be successful. People are also very open to explaining the company and what Infinera does in addition to what their individual role is. All the other interns are fun to be around as well. Infinera took us bowling as a group and it was fun to interact with everyone and trade stories about school and what not. I can honestly say I have enjoyed my time here and feel I have grown as a person. I am confident that my experience at Infinera will follow me into my future.”


alex sosa

“Hi, my name is Alex Sosa, and I am going to be a freshman at Stanford this fall. This is my first year at Infinera working as a summer intern. This summer, I have been working on simulating the nonlinear effects of light in optical networks using the programming language Matlab. Basically, when you send many different waves of light through a fiber, the waves interact with one another to produce additional waves which cause noise at the receiver. Specifically, I have been running simulations and analyzing data for different types of networks as we have been working towards a faster and more efficient calculation for distribution to consumers along with Infinera products. Because I am planning on majoring in electrical engineering and computer science, this experience using Matlab and other programming languages in which I used to be inexperienced is very useful. Additionally, I have been able to learn a considerable amount about how optical networks work and observe the problem solving techniques of my coworkers.
Outside of my work, I have been able to spend my lunch breaks with other summer interns and make use of the Infinera gym almost every day. I am thankful for this opportunity to get real-world experience in a workplace as well as develop my skills and learn new things.”

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