The End is Closer than it Seems…: Last Two Weeks of SWP


I graduated from Ann Sobrato High School this year, unsure of the future, and unsure of what to expect in life. I have picked a major at West Valley Community College that I feel is broad enough for me to expand and explore what I want to do in the future. Which brings me to this very important question:  Is there a future for me in the high tech world? I am Devon MacDonald and I am not quite sure.

Walking through the doors of Infinera for the first time was one of the coolest and scariest experiences of my life. My first observation as I made my way to orientation was how quiet it seemed. I thought that it would always be like that as I was working, but I quickly realized that was not the case.

I work in the Human Resource department as an administrator. This pretty much means that I am doing a little bit of everything. My main responsibility is to maintain the student blog; which has been rewarding but also frustrating. It can be a struggle to get people interested in being a part of the blogging community.  When my initial request for student submissions failed, I tried another approach.  Reaching out to students to interview them proved to be the successful route.  Sure this way was harder and created additional work for me, however it gave a learning opportunity, that there are more ways than one to get something done. Although the writing can be a bit tedious, interviewing other students helps me build bonds with them.

Other projects that I am responsible for are scanning documents such as Non Disclosures and background forms to be stored as soft copies in the system. This skill is not only useful for me to know, but helps the department to be more organized.

I have been able to use my creative side, which has been recognized by many of my coworkers, to work on projects such as creating a video for the Toastmaster group, redesigning internal portal pages and creating a bay area guide for new hires that arrive from out of the area.   So far I am enjoying my time here at Infinera.   I feel as though I have learned things about me that I can use to steer me in the right direction as far as my future career. With that said; is there a future for me in the high tech world? Answer: We’ll see.

Jennifer Picture

My name is Jennifer Prachick and this is my first year in the Summer Work Program. I am an indecisive person, and even though this is my second year as a college student, I am still having trouble figuring out what I want to do with the rest of my life. I first started at Ohlone College, trying to do something in cosmetology. Now I am at De Anza College where I will hopefully find a major that fits my interests.

I work for the Customer Service: Operations Group here at Infinera. My current project is part of an end of life cleanup for products. I am in charge of logging and tracking details when a specific task has been completed. A challenge that I have come across is that my manager is often very busy so it is hard to ask them questions. I have relied heavily on self-learning when I have a problem. This has made me become more self-sufficient.

Not only have I learned how a high tech company functions, I have expressed my competitiveness by participating in ping pong. I enjoy taking breaks and playing ping pong, it allows me to form relationships with other SWP students and Interns.

Even though this is my first, and last year at Infinera, I have taken some positive experiences that will hopefully help me in the future. 

Justin Lu

Hi, I’m Justin Lu, and I’m an incoming freshman at Carnegie Mellon, intending to major in Finance. Funny thing is I did not work in the Finance Group at Infinera. Instead, I work with the Software department where I learned some valuable skills.

I have always have been curious about programing, therefore I was excited that my mentor was able to devote time to helping me learn such a critical skill. This summer my project was to create a program that matches the correct capital with each US state. I am proud of what I have accomplished this summer. In addition to learning something useful, I made incredible friendships along the way. Whether it was our lunchtime adventures or just being a little too loud in the cubicles, I had a fun time with them. As I leave for college soon, I’m sad to leave, but hopefully,we get the opportunity to work together again next summer!



Hey guys! My name is Jeffrey Prachick, this is my second year in the Summer Work Program. In the fall I will be attending Foothill College for my sophomore year, where I will be studying Bio Chemistry.

This summer, working in the Operations group has been both challenging and rewarding for me. One of my assignments is to update a database where the software was from 2005.  I updated to it the 2008 version where they can take advantage of the new features 2008 has to offer.  The first couple of week entailed installing the appropriate programs which would allow updates to view the new features and appearance of the web reports.  During this process I learned to overcome certain obstacles such as how to obtain access to things I didn’t have access to in order to complete my project assignment

My experience at Infinera has been a very positive one. I have established relationships both professionally and personally during my time at Infinera. Leaving Infinera is not going to be easy, however I will be taking away a positive experience with me.



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