Enjoying New Experiences: SWP Students Tell Their Story

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Greetings! I am Shayaan Karimi and this is my first year as a Summer Work Program Student. I graduated from Irvington High School and I will be attending Ohlone Collage in the fall.  My current plan for college is to major in political science. Whether that changes in the future because of the experiences I have had at Infinera or for another reason, it is hard to say.

When I first started the program here at Infinera, I was in the Legal Department. Due to internal changes in legal, I was re-assigned to Tier Four in the Customer Service Department. The projects that I get to do in Tier Four have everything to do with data base maintenance. For example, field service bulletins that costumer service cannot figure out are sent to Tier Four to be worked out. My job is to maintain and update the system when an issue has been changed to resolved or is pending resolution.

I have enjoyed my time working for this company, however, it was not what I expected to be like. When I first started here, I did not know what to expect. At first, I was surprised by how generous my manager was with giving me a cushy time line for completing my projects. But now, I understand why I am given so much time to complete the task: I am expected to be thorough.



Hey y’all! I am Brent Jarvis and this is my first year in the Summer Work Program. In the fall I will be starting my second year at CALPOLY San Louis Obispo. I am a business major with an emphasis on agriculture.

This summer I am working in Customer Service: Trials and Demo’s department. I am so far enjoyed working here at Infinera and my manager always keeps me busy with interesting projects. For example, I am putting together a video together for customers describing the trail and demo’s system and how it work. I am also redoing the customer service page on the Infinera hub and well has updating the marketing slides.

I have had a blast working at Infinera so far! I really like that I have made a working relationship with my boss and find her easy to approach when I have problems. I also like that I have become close to some of the other interns and summer work program students.

When I first came to Infinera I thought that I would be working with nerdy, serious people. This has not, however, been the case. The people that work here are easy to talk to, fun to hang out with, and are just generally good people.

I have learned plenty from my experiences here and I am sad that this will be my first and final year at Infinera. Hopefully in the near future I will be able to acquire an internship here.


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