Infinera, A Contender for the World Cup?

Is Infinera’s soccer team ready to compete in the World Cup, probably not but we sure have a ton of fun relieving stress during our afternoon lunch time soccer matches.  You have to have been under a rock for the past year if you are not familiar with soccer.  Soccer has become the most popular sport globally. This year’s world cup had the most viewers of any sporting event, ever. Soccer is fast becoming America’s sport is might just surpass Football or Baseball someday, imagine that.

Soccer is a sport where both boys and girls men and women can play equally.  Almost everyone either plays or knows someone who plays soccer.  Soccer mom has become somewhat of a household word. Mini vans with the stick soccer family decals have become cool. All these reason is probably why soccer is so popular with Infinera employees. If you happen to be one of those who love soccer we encourage you to come out and give it a try.




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