A Few Words from a Few Interns:

Brendan Wong photo

Hello, my name is Brendan Wong, and I am going to be a senior electrical engineering student at the University of Texas at Austin.

A small talk at a career fair turned into a big opportunity as I landed the ASIC verification internship here at Infinera. This internship has provided me with the opportunity to learn how to be a part of a large verification team, and I been able to familiarize myself with SystemVerilog and the Universal Verification Methodology environment. These things are not taught in school and must be learned through experience in industry, and Infinera has definitely provided that experience. My mentor found me a project that is a necessary part of the verification plan, giving me the level of responsibility that I want in a job and making the experience more valuable to me. Because of this work experience, I have an advantage over other young engineers looking for jobs in circuit design and verification, a field that I am looking at possibly entering when I graduate.

Though the intern program is not as big as the programs at larger companies such as Cisco or Intel, the whole experience feels a lot more personal. Infinera values their interns, and I can honestly say that I feel valued as I walk into meetings set up for us to meet the company’s highest executives or learn about the company’s products.

Overall, I have learned a lot, loved the weather (California sure beats Texas during summer), met great people, and eaten a lot of delicious food (thank you food trucks). This has been an experience that has developed me as an engineer and a person, and I am extremely appreciative of the opportunity to intern here at Infinera.


brian curless photo2

Hey, my name is Brian Curless and I am going to be a senior at Cornell University studying electrical and computer engineering.  This is my first summer working for Infinera and I am in the Module R&D group in the PA location.  My project for the summer has been to run thermal tests to validate computer simulations.  As this is my first time working in an engineering position I have had to learn a lot of new skills in order to perform my job. This includes statistical analysis and plotting in JMP and writing SQL Server scripts.  This internship has been the best working experience I have had to date as I have been given real responsibilities through meaningful projects.  I really feel like I am helping the company out every day when I come in.  I fit right in with the employees the first week as we have lots of common interests.  It has surprised me how willing other people have been to help me as I am only a summer intern.  I do not hesitate to ask people when I have questions, and I always get the help I am looking for.  I really appreciate the opportunity I have been given to work at Infinera this summer and I hope that they ask for me to return after graduation so I can become a bigger part of this great team!


Sang Min Han photo

My name is Sang Min Han and I am a rising senior at Cornell University majoring in Electrical and Computer Engineering and minoring in Applied Mathematics. I am working as a Research and Development Engineer Intern with optical engineers in systems engineering this summer. I am currently refactoring optical device verification test scripts in addition to providing VB.NET coding style guidelines for software developers here. I am also implementing a function to export data from the test scripts.

This experience is my first internship in an industry setting as well as my first time in the West Coast. At Infinera, I have had the opportunity to compare research and development in industry against its academic counterparts. I also had the chance to learn about optical networking technologies and observed how much manpower is required to make concrete the innovative technologies. In addition to gaining new technical skills, especially those related to Microsoft products, I further developed valuable “soft” skills by interacting with other Infinera interns, mentors, as well as the senior executives.

I am very grateful to the Infinera community for giving me the opportunity to learn, develop, and interact with everyone I have met this summer. I will always look forward to hearing about the many bigger successes soon to come in Infinera’s near future


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