SWP and Intern’s: Putting the Pieces Together


Hello all! My name is Ashleigh Nguyen. I am a recent graduate of Livermore Valley Charter Prep High School in Livermore. This August, I will be heading out to Tucson, Arizona, where I will study to become a Doctor of Pharmacy at the University of Arizona. This summer, I have been given the wonderful opportunity to work with Infinera’s Customer Support team. My main task has been to update the SAP User Guide for Global Professional Service with new directions and screenshots. So far, I’ve had an awesome experience at Infinera. I have learned so much already, including programs like SharePoint, Excel, Outlook, and SAP. I was nervous coming into the Summer Work Program because it was something I’d never done before, but I have enjoyed the work I have been given and the work environment Infinera provides. It’s been such a great experience and will prove to be helpful in the future.


Matthew Weidner photo

Greetings!  My name is Matthew Weidner.  I will soon be heading off to Caltech, where I plan to major in math and computer science.  For now, though, I am on the other side of the country, working at Infinera’s Allentown facility.

My project involves writing a software application to graph and analyze data.  I get to play with all sorts of fun tools, like VB.Net, Visual Studio, Transact-SQL, and some giant databases.  Because of this and the freedom which my project grants me, I am having a good deal of fun.  My previous experience with computer programming has enabled me to make decent progress so far, despite missing two weeks for a vacation to the United Kingdom.  I am also learning many skills, such as how to program in VB.Net, how to write software to someone else’s specifications, and how to work on one thing for eight hours a day.

Before I started the summer work program, I was afraid that I would become lost in what I envisioned as a mammoth and impersonal corporate bureaucracy.  Instead, I have been given enough resources and personal contacts that I usually feel like I know what’s going on, at least in my own little sphere.  Additionally, despite the ominous warnings that I learned from Dilbert comics, my time has not become mired in meetings and SNAFUs.

With regards to interpersonal connections, I am not doing as well as I could, but I am not a complete loner either.  The other interns at my location seem rather quiet, and I am afraid to bother the regular employees, but I have still made several contacts and have found a small group to eat lunch with.

My favorite part of being at Infinera is probably Donut Day.  Every Thursday at 9:30 AM, several boxes of donuts and bagels appear in the break room and are then attacked by hordes of hungry employees, including myself.  Besides food, I am enjoying this experience because it is, well, experience.  When I enter the workforce years from now, I will feel more confident because I will have some idea of what it is like.

Dennis Chen:

Hi! My name is Dennis Chen. I am currently a student at Santa Clara University, studying finance. This summer, I had the opportunity to work with Infinera’s Finance and Accounting Department. My main task, thus far, has been asset tagging. This long process includes labeling company equipment located anywhere from the three buildings in Sunnyvale to the branch in India. This process, while tedious, is often underappreciated and actually plays a major role in the company’s financial statements. Aside from asset tagging, I have also been making financial reports such as the kob5 and the CIP aging reports so that controllers have an easier time forecasting.

I have had to opportunity to improve a variety of my skills at Infinera, from Microsoft Excel to SAP. While I was familiar with excel, using the SAP database was something new for me. Picking up SAP was not difficult, however; it just came down to memorizing which t-codes associated with which functions of the database.

Coming into this internship, I was expecting more finance and less accounting. I have come to realize, however, that both are intertwined and one cannot exist without the other. Furthermore, given my time with the company, it would make sense that they do not give me much access to the financials. I have definitely enjoyed the accounting aspect of the job. While here, I have met a lot of different people from all of the different departments, but I have become especially close with those in the accounting / finance departments. I am looking forward to see what the rest of the summer has to offer.



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