A Few Words about Infinera’s SWP: Jessica Hetrick and Abhijit Brahme

Abhijit picture

Hello all, my name is Abhijit Brahme I graduated from American High School in Fremont, California. I will be studying Kinesiology at Rice University in Houston, Texas in the fall. I have learned so much about the company’s products and how Infinera as a company fits into the network field. I have to admit that learning about the switching and the various types of ways a company can transmit and process information was interesting. I really liked the fact that my mentors were easy to talk to and very understanding. They really provided me with the tools I need to succeed not only at my internship, but also in future jobs.


Jessica Hetrick:

My name is Jessica Hetrick, while it’s only been a few short weeks of working here at Infinera it’s already put a good perspective of the future in my head. I’ve learned how passionate all the employees are about the time and effort they put into their work.  I’ve made some great relationships which always makes it more enjoyable to come into see them bright and early. Everyone I work with is genuine and kind it’s nice to be appreciated when they see you and greet you right away. It’s also nice to see a different field than the one I am interested in working in, it gives me options. I’m studying criminal justice at East Stroudsburg University this fall. With all of this in mind, I plan on being back next year to learn more.



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